CD Shelves 1 and 2:

CD Shelf 3:

CD Shelf 4:

CD Shelf 5, with quadraphonic record overflow on the floor to the left:

Main Record Shelves:

Main Laserdisc Shelf, with some record overflow on the floor in front:

(Yes, that's a handful of 8-tracks on the top shelf and some CEDs on the bottom)

Yes, I was just watching "Invasion of the Space Preachers".

Record and Laserdisc Overflow 1:

Record Overflow 2:

Reel Shelf 1:

Reel Shelf 2:

Cassettes and MiniDiscs:

DVD Shelf:

VHS Shelves:

TV and Stuff:

Top to bottom:

General Instrument/Motorola DSR-922 4DTV satellite receiver

RCA Video Switcher

Mitsubishi S-VHS VCR

Panasonic Replay TV hard disc recorder

left: Panasonic quadraphonic 8-track player, right: Pioneer CD recorder

On top of TV left: Klipsch center channel speaker, right: cheapo VHS rewinder

Pioneer 40" projection TV

The Main Stereo:

Shelves, top to bottom:


Electro-Voice quadraphonic decoder

Panasonic laserdisc player



Marantz CD-4 demodulator

Sony turntable

Technics turntable



Sony Receiver

Fosgate Tate SQ quadraphonic decoder

NAD AM/FM tuner



Thorens turntable (for 78s)

tape switcher

Aiwa cassette deck

Sony MiniDisc deck

Toshiba CD-DVD changer



Pioneer reel-to-reel deck

Rear of the main stereo: